Sunday, July 24, 2011


 Malappuram: District level competition of  written test conducted by GIO with respect June 19th, reading day, was held at Mas college, Malappuram. The test was exclusively based on the books suggested by GIO . Competition was leaded by district committee members.
1. Najiya.K, ICHSS Santhapuram, Perintalmanna zone
2. Fathima Shirin.VK, Darulfalah English School Pooppalam, Perintalmanna zone
3. Nadiya.K, ICHSS Santhapuram, Perinthalmanna zone

Saturday, June 25, 2011



 Poet Manamboor Rajan Babu delivers the speach on changing trends and future of reading in the programme conducted by GIO Perintalmanna zone at Al jamia Al islamiya Santhapuram on june 19 as a part of reading day.Arshiya Nas, Aslam Thoufeeque also interacted in the session. Prizes for CBSE 10th winners too distributed in the event.Zonal president Habeeba Razaque presided over the session.

             Edappal: GIO Ponnani zone conducted students meet in connection with reading day, June 19. GIO district co-ordinator CP Muhammed Umari sahib inaugurated the function. Zonal president NP Ruksana presided over the session. PT Fasila, Faheema Ponnani and Ummu Shabnam interacted with the students. An energetic debate conducted on the topic "Reading in New Media Era". KP Rabeena, M Marwa, Thwayyiba Ali and Murshida Valanchery won prizes in debate and quiz competetions respectively.

Friday, June 10, 2011


 GIO Malappuram district raised protest against Shornur incident in which Soumya, a young sales girl  brutally got attacked and later on killed by a cruel one-armed man, Govindachami from the train while she was returning to home. District leaders like KK Raheena, Mariyath, Sabira leaded the protest. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Eminent poet Veerankutty inaugurates "veyil peyyunnu...nanayaam!", GIO Malappuram district higher secondary conference held at Malabar house, Malappuram on 22nd May 2011.Т Muhammed Velam(solidarity state council member), PK Sadique(SIO national  council member) and  P Sukaina(GIO state asisting committee member) engaged in different sessions. An open forum on "woman:art,spirituality" leaded by AK Fasila, I Zameel, PP Najiya, M Noushad, Sameer Binsy and A Najda also conducted as a part of the programme. Prof:Ismaeel Sahib (president,JIH Malappuram) concluded the event.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Girls Islamic Organization Malappuram  conducted zonal eid meets  as a part of eid celebrations. In Perinthalmanna  zone eid meet named as 'chat for a while' was inaugurated by Hafsa Muhammad, previous municipal councilor,Perinthalmanna.. District president Sukaina conveyed eid message. Student representatives from different parties actively participated in the program me. P. Athira , KSU district general secretary was the chief guest in the meet of Malappuram zone. TT Maimoona(JIH district committee member), CT Thahira(GIO district committee member) and EC Rahna (Area coordinator, Malappuram) delivered speeches in the occasion. Ponnani, Kondotty, Manjeri, Kottakkal, Nilambur, Tirur zones also conducted meets.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


GIO Malappuram released a supplement in to the occasion of eid named as 'CHARGING...' . Eminent  Documentary directer Madhu Janardanan releases  the supplement. District president  Sukaina.p, secretary Mariyath and some of district committee members near to him.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Being a group that works among girls, GIO has the duty to make its member realize their space in their families as well as society. Girls should have the courage to shoulder the responsibility of handing over the message of truth to the poster-tied. They ought to spend their time and energy for moral, constructive and legal activities based on the drive values and the prophet's model for the fulfillment of the aims.